Yes, we are new on the tango event organization scene, but we have lots of enthusiasm, creativity and experience in organizing non-tango events. We will not disappoint you!... at least we hope we won't. ;-P No, we won't... pinky promise. :-D

Oh, we also organize the Una Vez milonga in Cracow once in a while. :-) It's pretty good, you should check it out sometime. ;-)

Marta Kubicz

The mastermind. Still very young in tango but with some experience dancing in international events, and an enthusiast of tango the way it is danced in Buenos Aires. Will use her corporate project management skills to rule them all. :-D

Foto cred @ Petar Pavlov

Kasia Wychowaniec

The Hand. Or rather, the right hand, as well as, the left one. The driver who makes all ideas possible. The nicest creature on earth (next to her dog), so she's responsible for us not eating each other alive, and the PR. Apt student driven by tango passion. Despite being very young in tango, she already invented how to embellish the embellishments. :-D

Paulina Rzeźnik

The marketing guru. Don't be fooled by her fragile looks, she's fierce in defending her creative ideas. Cuteness in pure form and a very talented tanguera.

Ola Nowak

The design guru. The one who balances the crazy ideas, so the venues don't feel like a village party. :-D Another rising tango star, don't miss a tanda with her!

Bartek Hilger

The voice of reason and creativity. The oasis of calm and tranquility. Try working with a bunch of over-enthusiastic girls and you'll know the importance of this guy. :-D

Also, the guy who invented the name "Quiero Verte una vez mas"